Nothing Ever Goes On Here:
A Memoir by Ellen Newhouse

Reclaim Your Authentic Self


A child should have a home, not a house of horrors.

Ellen Newhouse grows up trapped in the darkness created by her cruelly charming father, alcoholic bookish mother, and their own twisted histories and pain.

This gripping memoir paints a very real and human picture of abuse, revealing the lifelong consequences of the blurred lines between love, loyalty, and betrayal. It’s also a story of hope, as Newhouse breaks through the chains of generational abuse to become a healer and guide to others.

Nothing Ever Goes on Here is now a one-woman show.


Ellen Newhouse is an author, speaker and healer. Her first book, NOTHING EVER GOES ON HERE  is the story of her journey to overcome her parents’ dysfunctional, violent and often aberrant behavior and her struggle to accept herself as a healer. Ellen is passionate about empowering people to live from their heart’s truth and achieve their dreams.

Ellen Newhouse has been in private practice for the past 27 years integrating alternative healing modalities. Ellen holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as well as a B.A. in Economics and International Relations. In both her private practice and in her workshops, she guides people through their emotional, physical and spiritual challenges in her unique blend of medicine combining compassion, humor and deep wisdom.


​Newhouse writes like a survivor ... courageous, bold, powerful and with passion. Her raw, honest account of not just survival, but triumph over domestic violence, reveals that healing is possible.

Dixie Coskie
Award-winning Author of Unthinkable

Ellen Newhouse captures the truth of living amidst dysfunction and abuse with her beautifully painted and poetic words. These words draw the reader in and create a desire for more, even though they describe many unimaginably painful episodes. She has strung together a sparkling beaded necklace, alternating humor with horror, memory with hindsight, love with betrayal, all through deft narrative and storytelling. I found myself cheering for her along the way and marveling at her resilient strength, her courage, and her capacity for love despite everything. What a role model!

Nothing Ever Goes On Here is a memoir, but it’s also a great friend and resource to those also on the path of healing. Since Ellen is quite candid with her thoughts, actions and reactions, it’s definitely a road guide for the traveler as well as a captivating story. It’s a very honest, no-holds-barred recounting of her experience, and I had to remind myself several times that everything in this book was real, that it really happened. At the end of the book is a list of organizations and resources to help victims of domestic violence and abuse. If this book doesn’t renew and continue the conversation on surviving and healing from domestic violence, I don’t know what will.

Michelle Bruno

​​I first heard about this book approximately 2 years ago when I had the privilege of meeting this soon to be author in person while on a vacation. This book took my breathe away. Having met the author, I would have never imagined her life growing up this way. She is truly an amazing woman who has overcome so many obstacles through the years. She writes in such an eloquent way that will make you giggle and cry all at the same time leaving you wanting more. For me, it was a book I couldn't put down until the very end. Ellen, thank you for sharing your story with us!!!

Lisa M. Eiland

​Ellen Newhouse tells her story that in parts is tough going but her brilliantly written words cajole you into continuing to see what happens next! She reminds me of a little spit-fire youngster with the spirit of a gargantuan adult, benevolent beyond words! Her tough upbringing prepared Ellen, not only to become the healer she is through her magnificent choices of written words, but also to be the curious, compassionate person she is and exudes through her thoughts, confessions, concessions and triumphant spit-fire spirit! What a role model she is for people experiencing tough times! And for those who want to know better how to help those in need who may be suffering in silence - like perhaps their neighbors, family members, co-workers, etc, etc! Ellen manages to convey effectively how outward appearances do not even begin to scratch the surfaces of inner misalignments. We readers can take hope in the fact that healings take their own unexpected pathways, which have the capacity to make us laugh and cry, be hurt, humbled, be happy, victorious and all emotions in between - on the road to all our better health! What a role model indeed! I love the gifts Ellen Newhouse chooses to share with us through her writing and healings! I highly recommend this memoir!

Peggy Lynn

​Nothing Ever Goes on Here is a memoir of Ellen Newhouse as she survives her childhood with an abusive father and a mother that goes in and out of mental institutions. What struck me the most were the characters. I could read a whole separate book about her charming, clothes horse father who devours a bag of candy at night after throwing frozen orange juice cans at his wife’s face. Or the educated mother who’s trapped on the couch reading books all day and drinking until she steps sideways and gets thrown into the nuthouse again by her husband.

Ellen’s journey into adulthood is a crooked path, from dreaming up ways to kill her father to searching obsessive compulsively to find him and bring him back when he runs off to England with another woman. The book shows us what it is like to love and hate your family at the same time and that no one is completely evil.

While she seeks solace in different religions and takes counsel with secret angels that visit her in the middle of the night, Ellen matures into a healer almost against her will. Her cruel father would never have it. But ultimately she takes the charm and influence of him and the intelligence, fear, and wisdom from her mother and twists them together to begin healing others. This book is a story of finding power after trauma and one hell of a joyful ride. HBO series, perhaps?

Emily Frogget

​A stunning story of abusive pain, growth and healing. Ellen Newhouse bears her soul in a beautifully written chronicle of childhood survival. Breaking the chains of co-dependency is never easy, yet her story proves it can be done with grace and honor. The parallels for me were shocking, which made it a hard read at first, yet I could not put it down. The story must be respected on several levels. Surviving abuse is no small feat I assure you. To maintain a level of self esteem, keep one foot in front of the other and move forward under such duress is an admirable quality. Ellen would simply not give up on herself. I would love to meet this woman, give her a big hug and say "Thank You"

David K. Sands

​This book is inspirational, empowering, and gave me hope when I had none. To see that she was able to overcome what many are not and fight to change the cycle that she was in was wonderful. She didn't let her abuse define her and that makes her a role model for me and many others. A roller coaster ride of growing up, growing wiser and figuring out your place in the world. Capturing and beautiful even in the tough moments.

Amy Goetz
Artist & Healer