I want to know! Do you?

Do you want to know how it all works out in the end?

Well, if you’re anything like me…..you want to know. You want to know that you live happily ever after and everything worked out just fine, no great! Right?!

But then, you find yourself sitting staring at your computer screen wondering what the hell you should do in this moment. And nothing comes. So you fiddle around on Facebook, hoping, no praying that somewhere on those pages, you’ll find an answer! At the very least, perhaps you’ll be inspired by something….anything! But still nothing. And you’ve wasted another hour or two, or God forbid, three! And still, you have no answers. And no fairy godmother has arrived in your office beaming with answers. Sound familiar?

I wish I had the answers for you, but I don’t. I do however, know the feeling very well. I have been plagued by this feeling more often than I’d like to admit. Somewhere, I believe that there is a way. There is a right way….and obviously, I haven’t taken that right way or otherwise goes my story…..I and you wouldn’t be sitting here not knowing. Right? Wrong!

You see as Creatives, our job is to create something out of nothing! Like Magic! And at times, it feels just like that! Poof, we write, we paint as if we are on fire. And then there are other times, when after days, maybe even weeks of struggle, we do manage to squeek out a creation, may not be our very best, but it is a creation nonetheless.

I believe it is in these moments, that we must be Grateful that we get to create. And like a good mom, we must celebrate ourselves for just staying with the process. We must celebrate our persistence. And as we do, we will light the way not only for ourselves, but for other creatives who may be sitting in the dark wondering how it all works out! It is a gift to be the light for others. Don’t underestimate the gifts that you bring to others.

And, I have a secret: It all works out beautifully! It just might take a little bit of time to see it all come into full fruition. And once it does, I promise you, you’ll be onto the next creative adventure where once again you will not know. Where once again, you will need patience and perseverance, trust and faith in the creative process!

How Do you get Comfortable with not knowing?

  1. Don’t assume there’s a right way.
  2. Don’t imagine that everyone except you knows the way.
  3. Enjoy your creativity.
  4. Decide to trust the process.
  5. Be Patient aka Faith building.

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About the Author

Ellen Newhouse is an author, speaker and healer. Ellen is passionate about empowering people to live from their heart’s truth and achieve their dreams.

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