Healing Services

Ellen Newhouse is an Acupuncturist, Sound Healer, Intuitive Coach and the author of Nothing Ever Goes on Here. For the past 27 years, Ellen has strived to offer her patients, students and workshop attendees a safe place to slowly explore years of misconceptions, pain and judgments that have in great part been responsible for the core of their illnesses, dis-eases, depression, anxiety and general unhappiness and malaise.

Each session with Ellen is uniquely designed to serve your needs. With her unique sensibility and insight, you will find that she responds to each person with a personalized blend of medicine perfectly suited to each individual. Ellen is always striving to get at the root cause of any imbalance you may have whether it be on the emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level. Whether you are looking for relief from anxiety, depression, backaches, digestive disorders, headaches, infertility, lack of motivation, addiction or any other imbalance, you will find Ellen’s approach unique and comprehensive. Ellen integrates Acupuncture with Sound Healing Energy Medicine and Intuitive Counseling.

Ellen is passionate about empowering people to live from their heart’s truth and achieve their dreams. Ellen holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as well as a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Syracuse University.

Ellen may be via email or you can also reach her at at her office: 206-938-8441.

Sessions are $125.00/hour. The first session is one and a half hours in length.

Ellen is happy to provide billing for you to submit to your insurance company.