Feeling Out Of Control? What To Do When Everything Changes

In the 1980’s it was predicted that the earth would go through a huge transformative shift and the earth’s poles would literally shift. The earth would be off its axis for a while. It was a huge leap to imagine.

This week, I have begun to feel that we are literally off our axis. I hardly can believe the things I am reading and hearing! I cannot believe that we are now living in a country where suddenly certain people have no rights, and will not receive due process of the law. What? Where are we?

Here’s what to do when everything is shifting and you feel it’s out of your control:

#1: Feel. Feel all the feelings that are coming up inside of yourself. Be aware that old feelings may be getting triggered along with your current feelings. If so, see if you can calm your inner children down by reassuring them that you, the adult, will handle this!

#2: Express. You may want to write about your feelings in a journal. Talk with some trusted friends. Have an actual therapy appointment. Go for a run! Or a walk.

#3: Balance. Become an excellent surfer! Surfers must learn to balance themselves in the most turbulent waters. One way they achieve this is by focusing on their center and staying there. Way one to translate this is to meditate.

#4: Expect. Know that in times of great change and transitions, we must expect the unexpected. This way, we won’t be so blown off course as each change occurs.

#5: Peace. Find peace, no matter what, within yourself. No one and nothing is worth losing your center and peace.

#6: Voice. Find a way to have your voice be heard.

#7: Rest. Take downtime, to just be quiet. And also make sure you have some fun…..and allow your head to rejuvenate.

The wheels of change are definitely moving……and you don’t need to navigate these new waters alone. Please come and join me and like-minded people over at the Facebook LoveTribe.

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Ellen Newhouse is an author, speaker and healer. Ellen is passionate about empowering people to live from their heart’s truth and achieve their dreams.

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