ellen_newhouse_fullEllen Newhouse Author/Sound Healer/Intuitive

I never wanted to be a healer. I still struggle with that word for it implies that I am doing the healing. I see myself as a very practical channel of love and light…. and I believe that in the end you are your own healer. I am merely a guide to help you to see yourself clearly and… to see that you have all the power within you to heal your heart and any facet of your life that needs realigning and balance.

Ellen is a woman who knows who to laugh at life and herself, even, no especially in difficult times. She marries heart-centered spirituality with her fierce warrior self in facing her own everyday challenges and teaches her patients and students how to do the same for themselves. She has earned this privilege through growing up in a family that was more war zone than idyllic home. As she states in her Amazon Best Selling memoir, Noting Ever Goes On Here, “We were always on alert for the next bomb to explode.”

In her memoir, Nothing Ever Goes On Here, Ellen shares her experience of growing up in this family mired in domestic violence, abuse, love, joy, shame, grief and forgiveness. Nothing Ever Goes On Here proves that with enough grit and determination, anyone can break through the chains of generational abuse and heal themselves. Her journey to recover her authentic self is filled with universal lessons of struggle, courage and forgiveness. Ellen demonstrates that it’s not only possible to heal from trauma and other seemingly insurmountable obstacles but also essential to reclaim your voice.

Ellen shares her insights and wisdom she has learned on her healing journey with you so that you may recover your own unique voice in the world and transform your life into one filled with joy, self-love and love in all its sundry forms.

Ellen’s upcoming one-woman show based on the book (and with the same title) Nothing Ever Goes On Here was recently optioned by Director, Jolene Adams. Jolene is currently adapting the book for both stage and film. They are projecting a limited run in LA sometime next summer. It will make you laugh, cry and think deeply about life.

In her private practice, she integrates Acupuncture with Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Intuitive Coaching. Ellen brings a unique sensibility to her approach, a big-belly laugh and a true love of heart-based medicine. You will find there there’s no one size fit all with Ellen! Every session is unique unto itself.

In addition to her private practice, Ellen has taught transformational workshops throughout the US and Mexico. Ellen plans to begin to bring these workshops on line in the coming year!

While highly spiritual, Ellen has a very practical manner about her, making sure that all spiritual principles are grounded in everyday reality. She was after all, a student of Economics and International Relations well before she delved into any spiritual study. Her foundational studies at Syracuse University hold her on good stead after all these years. Ellen will always leave you with homework to do, even if you meet her on a street corner. Practical application is her aim in every conversation she has whether it’s about healing your physical body, getting out of debt, finding a better job or even a better spouse!

With deep love and compassion, Ellen with help you to recover your own truth, power and voice! She is passionate about empowering others to see their own light so that they may become great contributors to our amazing world! In Ellen’s presence, you will laugh, cry, stamp your feet, feel your resistance and finally break through all the clutter and mind chatter to recover once again your heart and soul divine self!